Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Heart Belongs to Daddy

"To Dadda"
Pen and Ink

Winter Symphony

"Winter Symphony"
mixed media: acrylic, glitter, floral cut-out ribbon

Bat Mite

"Bat Mite Approaches"

My Daddy

"Portrait of Father Intoxicated"
"They Call My Daddy 'Ilene' "
Pen and Ink
This lovingly rendered drawing is the first identifyable figure drawing she ever made. Father was not really drunk at the time.

Golden Igels

"Golden Igels"
Mixed Media

These little gals were inspired by our trip to the Skirball to see the Noah's Ark Exhibit that used found objects to create neat animals. The face/noses are the Otoscope covers nicked from Doctors Office during our Winter of A Thousand Colds and the large Hedgehog body was discovered on a walk around the park after ballet class and the baby Hedgehog body was collected during our canvasing duties for Obama. The feet are gold beads I found in the garage.

For more information on the Noah's Ark Exhibit, see here

Monday, March 17, 2008

Peacock Cry

"Peacock Cry"
acrylic, glitter, sharpie

"Goodbye, Peeps"

Consider when global warning has claimed us and the Aliens come to survey the spectacle. If it happens at Easter, here is the scene from 1,000 feet up of the melted peeps swirling into the abyss of destiny.

"Goodbye, Peeps"
acrylic, glitter